I have this image of myself...the Kelly that I want to see. The Kelly that is always put together...The Kelly that has great fashion choices. The Kelly that gets up 2 hours before she goes to work and spends an hour and a half making sure her hair and makeup and clothing are just right.


Then there's reality.  I get up at 4 am. I'm not awake. I'm not jumping out of the shower with glee, fixing a fantastic perfect breakfast and putting on my fashionable outfit that I laid out the night before. I'm hitting the snooze button until 5am...I'm feeding Mr. Bean and letting the dog out to pee. Breakfast? What's that?  I jump in the bathroom to brush my teeth...comb my hair..throw on a tad bit of makeup and run out the door.


I think that my life is similar to many people's lives.  I'm a single parent. I work long hours and need clothing that will work for full days.  I need an easy hairstyle...make up that lasts...and clothing that looks nice and is comfortable.  Is that too much to ask?

I know what I want to dress like...all put together...the jewelry, the jeans, the jackets, the footwear...but I NEVER look the way I want to look. Finding clothing is next to impossible for me. Whatever I find my son tells me that I look like an old lady...even my brother says..."Kelly...if you just wouldn't dress like that."  What does that MEAN?


I don't think it's ALWAYS been this way...When I was younger, I seemed very 'stylish'...however, I was younger...thinner...trying to be a singer, and everything looked good back then. Now..I need to dress my age.  But...apparently, I've gone OVER my age.


Who do you get your fashion advice from?  Why do we have to wear jeans that sit below our waist? Jeans that emphasize every roll on our body? What's attractive about that? Why can't we find clothing that 'fits' the curves instead of punishes us for them?

If you have ideas about how to improve fashion sense, please let me know. What shops do you visit it the central Minnesota area? Boutiques? Crossroads Mall? Or are you exclusively an "ONLINE" shopper?

Send me your ideas to kelly@wjon.com or kelly@minnesotasnewcountry.com.

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