Members of the designer bag community probably already know this, but as someone who walks around with a Mickey Mouse backpack as a purse, this is new news to me.

I was on TikTok and was served a video from a business that restores and resells designer handbags and the owner was showing off a new crop of bags that just came in. I was passively listening to her describe them when she mentioned "St. Cloud", causing my ears to perk up.

I immediately went to Google to take a look at this "Saint Cloud" bag for myself. I found an article detailing the history of the bag, that was named after Saint Cloud, France (not Minnesota, unfortunately). The bag is one of the oldest styles of crossbody bags Louis Vuitton created:

The simple and classic Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud is one of the house’s favorites. The square-shaped bag can be opened with a large flap, which can be locked using a press stud. The interior is made of terracotta cross-grain leather, there is one big compartment, and the bag wall has a pocket that can be closed with a zipper. On the back of there is an exterior slip-in pocket, that gives you easy access to smaller items like your phone. The strap on the Saint Cloud is long, adjustable, and comes with a shoulder pad for extra grip. This makes it possible for the bag to be comfortably worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag.

This bag's size and style made it a favorite for everyday use. The original bag design was discontinued but recreated with a rounder shape for a 2017 release. There was also a redesign of this bag for the 2020 fall/winter collection that looks slightly different than the original.

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After learning more about this bag, I find it hard to believe it isn't based on St. Cloud, Minnesota. It is a practical everyday bag, it's comfortable, holds the essentials, and goes with everything. It isn't showy, it's just a good hearty bag. Doesn't that scream St. Cloud to you? It does to me.

If you want to get your hands on your own Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud, I found multiple listings on resale websites, but use caution. Authenticity comes into question when buying from online resellers, so just use your best judgment when making purchases like this.

Do you have one of these bags? I'd love to see photos! Send them to us on our mobile app.

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