Talk about a sea of buffalo plaid. Apparently, there was an unspoken dress code at President Trump's rally in Duluth this week.

The event was held outdoors, and this time of year in Minnesota it gets chilly, especially if you are around Lake Superior. Dressing like a lumberjack is the most practical thing to do.

At the rally there was a wall of red and black buffalo plaid standing behind the Commander-in-Chief. Other photos from different angles showed Minnesotans rocking the pattern throughout the whole crowd.

In addition to the crazy amount of plaid, there was plenty of Carhartt canvas in the crowd, as well as stocking caps for days. It prompted people to ask the question in comment sections: "do all Minnesotans dress the same?"

Yeah, we kinda do. We add our own flair to it, but what everything boils down to is practicality. It's cold here, and we know what keeps us warm. We dress in thick flannel and canvas layers trying to shield the winter chill as much as we can. We also are well aware that you lose the most body heat through your head and feet so thick socks and stocking caps are a necessity.

Just be glad it wasn't a few degrees colder or snowing. It would have been a crowd of snowmobile jackets and chopper mittens.

What can we say? Minnesotans know what works when it comes to functional fashion, plus buffalo plaid looks good on everyone.

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