I keep getting online ads from Dick's Sporting Goods trying to sell me this pair of Bearpaw sheepskin boots. I have a pair of Bearpaw boots that I have been beating on for five years now and love them, but they are also close-toed.

I finally clicked the link to see what these bad boys were all about, and here is what the description said:

Look and feel great in the BEARPAW® Women’s Molly Sheepskin Boots. Their soft, cozy feel won’t let you down.

What if you are wearing them in snow or through a puddle? My guess is that there might be some wet socks and disappointment.

I've been racking my brain trying to find the appropriate setting to wear these boots in and I'm honestly stumped. So here are some unrealistic ones I can come up with:

  • Getting a pedicure in a salon that is also an igloo
  • You are at a beach in Canada where it might be a little chilly but you still want to test the water by dipping your toe in.
  • You are standing by a space heater that is very miniature and only has enough power to warm your toes.
  • An uncharacteristically hot day in November where you need the extra airflow through your foot.
  • You bought a pair of vintage toe socks from the early 2000s and really want to show them off.
  • You're trying to grow out your toenails to break a world record.

I'm not the only one confused by this product. A  review from someone who goes by "I Have Questions":

I am as confused why this shoe exists as the designer who made them. Is this a winter boot or a winter sandal?

A review from "Sherbles" in Chicago:

This is the most confusing thing I think I’ve ever seen. As if 2020 wasn’t stressful enough.

Maybe I'm too Midwest Practical with my clothing to see the true fashion value of these boots. I think I'll stick with my old Bearpaw boots that may have worn down tread, but at least the toes are still intact.

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