At this point, it's no secret that I'm a fall girl. Although, I'd never want to wish summer away, I am excited to see these subtle fall signs all around me.

It was perfect sweater weather yesterday. I was in LOVE! I decided to open all of my windows, soak up the wonderful sounds of the rain, turn on my fake fire place, sip on some hot chocolate and bake banana muffins. It was glorious.

I realized that I had used up all of my pumpkin spice candles last fall. I was so disappointed that there wasn't one lying around my house. I had to settle for apple cinnamon--which isn't my favorite.

So, I made a special trip to Walmart yesterday for pumpkin spice candles. Of course I got totally stocked up on flour, sugar, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, etc--you know, all of your essential fall baking supplies. I think I caught fall fever a little early this year. Someone help me!

On my way home from the store I noticed that one of my neighbor's trees was already starting to turn colors! WOOT! Bring on fall, I'm ready!

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