So far I've taken you on a trip of fishing and breweries Monday through Wednesday of last week. The great thing about stay-cationing right here in MInnesota, is that you can actually come home anytime you want, (depending on how far you drive) and then plan other adventures for the remainder of your holiday. That's exactly what we did. If you want to have some fun duplicating our adventures, you'll have a little mid week break.

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We came home Thursday and took a day off from vacation. Did a little laundry so we could throw it back in the suitcase for the weekend, and decided to adventure out to a supposedly delicious destination that neither one of us had ever been to before.


We decided to head to Elk River to try the food at Chow Mixed Grill & BBQ. I checked them out online before I headed that direction, and it said that Thursday nights they feature live music on the patio. Perfect!

We arrived at our destination, and the Host took our reservation. Five minutes later, we were being seated in a beautiful spacious area, right next to big windows that looked out over a patio.

There was barely an empty seat in the house, and now I know why.  We were greeted by an awesome waitress, who was incredibly busy running from table to table, but made us feel like nothing else mattered except that we had a great experience. She took time to share a drink menu with us, and then gave us time to look it over.

She hustled back a few minutes later and took our drink order while we took our time looking over the menu.


The appetizer menu would have been enough to win me over, as they offered poutine, smoked chicken nachos, cheese curds, crab cakes and so much more.

After a few minutes we decided that although we could everything on the menu, we were going to stick with our drinks and then get the BBQ Platter for two. It featured pretty much everything we were really coming their to try. There were BBQ Ribs, pulled pork, brisket, cole slaw, baked beans, as well as cornbread and the most tasty Serrano rolls with honey butter. We figured that if THAT didn't fill us up, nothing would.

Our pleasant busy waitress was back within 20 minutes, with our food, refilling our water glasses,  making sure we had plenty of napkins and everything we needed before we dug in.

It's hard to describe something when it's over the top amazing. Everything was so delicious. The ribs pulled off the bone easily and were meaty and flavorful. There was no chewy fatty ribs that you couldn't eat. Everything was so tasty.  Same with the brisket. I don't know how they made it so tender but you really didn't even need a knife to cut it.

As you can imagine, the pulled pork followed suit, and let me just tell you about those rolls. They were deliciously dangerous. I could have eaten a bucket full. I'm thankful that we didn't have an unlimited supply because I'd still be eating them today if I could.

The cornbread was sweet and tasty. They also gave us two huge portions of it, along with the cole slaw that had just the right combination of crunchy and sweet, and then..those bean...those delicious baked beans.  There was no salt or pepper on the table. I'm assuming because they made sure everything was perfectly seasoned just the way it was served.

All I can say is...if you haven't tried it, this was a great choice for day 4 of our vacation. Thank you to our friendly and remarkable waitress for making our evening out so special. That was our evening. It was time to head back and make plans for the weekend.

To be continued...

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