Getting married; it can be so exciting...maybe too exciting? How do you know if the marriage might be on the rocks before you even get started?  Truly; I guess you never really know. Some people get along by fighting...that's their 'thing.' Others have one spouse that's happy and one that isn't. You just never know.


But; if you want a little sneak preview on how the marriage is going to be: Just ask a wedding photographer if they can tell if a couple is going to make it past the 5 year mark...I bet they have a pretty good guess. Here are some red flags for you to think about when the wedding might be the focus rather than the marriage itself.


  • Do you need a million bridesmaids?
  • Do you need a cake that covers two continents?
  • Do you need flower petals dropped before you walk down the isle, and 5 songs sung during the ceremony?
  • Do you need candles and a congregation that has matching clothes?

The point being: if the focus is on the wedding not actually being together might be something to reconsider.


  • ATTITUDE: Are the Bride & Groom always dIsrespectful to the other person on a daily basis? This is probably a bad sign. If you aren't getting along before you get married; why are you doing it? You don't HAVE to be hitched.
  • If the Bride cares more about the stuff, than the groom.  HMMMMMM.....Isn't spending your lives together what this should all be about?
  • Disregard of the Budget: If you don't keep the budget on task, it could be a sign of future financial issues...Do you want to be paying for your wedding day for the next 5 years? Are your parents on a budget helping you?


Being excited about your wedding is a wonderful thing; but if the focus is on having a beautiful day together; it may be a sign that this is 'The Real Deal'.

  • The couple makes reasonable decisions together.
  • Disagreements are discussed and respectful.
  • The focus is more on the vows rather than the size of the wedding
  • The ring 'means something' rather than just being the biggest and most expensive you could find.

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