How many times have you been searching through your Facebook messages, and see ad after ad of everything in the world that you didn't know you needed; but now suddenly, you feel the urge to spend all your money on things that you just have to have?

Clothing for example. I don't ever order clothing most of the time, I want to shop locally and try the clothes on before I buy! But yet...every time some cute flashy shirt that looks great on the screen comes up, I have to stop myself from making the purchase.

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Today a cute pair of jeans with American Flags on the pockets popped up. OMG! I just have to have them. Then I look up the size chart...The chart is for sizes in European, what they SAY is American and some other sizing chart...Basically...These American Jeans are definitely NOT made in America. BTW....I caught myself and desided to go shop at my favorite local clothing store Evelie Blu Boutique in St. Cloud. I walked away with 4 to 5 articles of clothing that were on sale for under $50! Same day...Satisfying...happy shopping.


I've also seen ads for the best make up in the whole wide world, beautiful jewelry that Kings and Queens would wear, monthly game services, monthly clothing services, and so much other stuff.

Here's the thing. For everything that I've ever ordered, or seen a friend of mine order, it usually takes a really long time for  the articles to get here, or they never make it at all.


  • DON'T (Just Don't)!
  • PAUSE: Pause before you make the impulse purchase. Those pictures are great..doesn't mean the product is.
  • Be Cautious: If you don't need to spend money on these things and didn't intend to go shopping today...maybe see how you feel about making the purchase tomorrow. Think about it for a day before you make the buy.
  • SHOP LOCALLY INSTEAD: In a time when our businesses are needing us more than ever locally, make a trip to your favorite store and give them your business instead. Your friends and neighbors that will let you walk out with your purchase the same day.
  • Remember: Remember that you didn't get on Facebook this morning to go shopping...or did you? Why did you go to Facebook when you did? If shopping wasn't the original goal, it's best to not do it. It could get really expensive.


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