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I just read something online that said one out of three people eat watermelon with a spoon. Huh?  Are they from Minnesota?


I'm pretty sure, we slice our watermelon and eat it with our hands here in Minnesota. I mean, sure; occasionally I'm at a wedding or something when the watermelon is part of a salad or something. In general- If I'm cutting up a big old watermelon, I put in on the table with napkins and paper plates and say have at it. No utensils required.


Does ice cream really need to be in this equation? How do you eat your ice cream? Well; unless all the dishes are dirty, I'm digging in with a spoon. According to this survey, 40% of people who eat ice cream eat it with a fork...on purpose. Hello! You're missing the melty parts!


Seems obvious. Chili has to be eaten with a spoon...doesn't it? Why do 15% eat it with a fork? Unless again..they have to clean spoons? Or they don't want the soupy chili, and they just want the meat and beans.


Okay. I can see where I might be in the minority here. I eat my peas with a spoon because I put lots of butter on them and I don't want to miss the juicy buttery mixture, but if I'm a guest somewhere and they just have peas on a plate, I'll chase them around with a fork for a while, and then use my fingers to push them on the fork so I can eventually get them in my mouth.  Apparently, most people agree with me but it's a close race. 54% spoon their peas, and 46% fork them.


I think this is clear. Mashed potatoes are thick enough to eat with a fork, and they taste better when you use a fork. If you use a spoon, you're going to have to work hard to get the potatoes out of the scoopy part. Use a fork. It's more satisfying. 60% of people enjoy their mashed taters with a fork, compared to 40% spooners.


Okay..we all know it makes NO sense to eat rice with a fork, but it makes no sense to eat it with chopsticks either, and people still do that. Although I use a fork, I would prefer to use a spoon so I wouldn't drop so much of it all over the floor. 64% eat rice with a fork; (but secretly, I bet they want to join the 36% that use a spoon).


This should be creamy and rich enough to eat with a fork. However, if you're in a hurry and you add too much milk, spoons work; and are sometimes necessary. 78% of people surveyed eat it with a fork.

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