Holdingford School Nutrition Services announced via Facebook they'll be offering free meals to all students now through October 30th.

According to their Facebook page, the USDA extended waivers related to school meals (Summer Food Service Program) so students will eat for free starting Monday, Sept. 14. Students will go through the lunch line like normal, but they won't be asked to enter in their pin numbers.

Students who are distance learning can also redeem their free school lunch meal by picking it up from school. They'll need to provide their name and grade in order to prove they are students of the district.

Free meals are not available to home schooled families or preschool kids. That's something that's changed since last spring.

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The school district says that families who might qualify for free or reduced lunch should still apply for that program as early as possible for when the school starts charging for lunch again at the end of October.

The school also noted that if you bring a bag lunch from home and wish to get a milk from school, you'll be charged for it. Full meals are free but ala carte items are not.

The school plans to offer up the free meals until October 30, unless they run out of funding. If funds run out before then, parents and families will be notified at least a day in advance.

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