If you've ever wanted to be a pilot, or at least feel like one, here's your chance. Northwest Airlines is auctioning off flight simulators and other airline gear in the next week.

Since the Minnesota Vikings are moving their headquarters into the former Northwest Airlines headquarters (Delta Flight Training Center) in Eagan, some of their old airline items have to be cleaned out before they demolish the building. Selling these items by way of an auction is their chosen way of clearing the clutter, and you have the opportunity to buy them for cheaper than you might imagine.

You can buy one of 9 flight simulators that were used to train Northwest's (and some Delta) pilots. They're in various condition and since my last look on the auction website, some of them have no bids yet. If you'd rather stay on the ground, there's plenty of other office, kitchen and HVAC items on the auction.

Keep this in mind if you plan to buy a flight simulator...they're massive, about the size of a cockpit. Probably not something you'd be able to put in your livingroom, but it would look pretty cool if you did!


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