Not only is the Clydesdale horse one of the most beautiful animals, it is also the mascot of Budweiser. The beer company has just welcomed a Clydesdale foal into their family and they are asking for your help in naming the new horse.

Now that Twitter has made it possible to put age restrictions on who follows Twitter accounts, Budweiser has finally gotten the chance to open an account. Obviously the beer company can't market to anyone under 21 years old, and up until now there was no way of restricting followers by age.

It's an understatement to say Bud is a little behind in the Twitter world, so to kick start their new account they are soliciting for your help in naming the two-week old Clydesdale foal, which will make its debut as the star of this years Superbowl ad.

A few names that have gotten a lot of attention so far are 'Buddakup', 'Sport', and 'Hops'. But if you think you have something better, get to Tweeting.