Minnesota is home to the northernmost point in the contiguous United States, but not everyone knows that. The little piece of land that is attached to Canada but is technically still Minnesota is thanks to a mapping error that happened when negotiators of the initial Canada–U.S. border misunderstood the geography of the area.

Twitter user @ViolinBug shared a photo of a map with the Northwest Angle circled on it, and asked "what goes on here?". Naturally, Minnesotans jumped all over that prompt to share their two cents about the tippy top of our state:

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Funny comments aside, we as Minnesotans know that the Northwest Angle is an important part of our state. Lake of the Woods offers some of the best fishing you'll find in North America, sandy beaches to hang out at, and plenty of wildlife to spot all around. You can even play the northernmost golf course in America while you are there. 

Even though it might be a bit tough to access, it is worth it to explore a really cool part of our state. Check out more on visiting the Northwest Angle here. 

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