Can owning a dog actually improve your life? With all the torn up shoes, cleaning up after accidents? Barking at the neighbors? Eating your steak that you just pulled off the grill? All the training? Digging holes in the backyard?

With all that being said; what gives you more unconditional love? Who is always living in the moment? Thrilled to see you when you get home from work? Always wanting to make you happy? Always willing to cuddle up and comfort you? It's your dog!

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Apparently the experts agree.


The Mayo clinic conducted a study, and found that an active dog will inadvertently get its owner to exercise, thanks to regular walks and playtime; and when exercise becomes a part of a person’s routine, heart health improves as a result of a healthy weight and balanced glucose levels.

The study also found that dogs can boost your mental health. Loyalty, love, cheer, living in the moment, and affection; that's what a dog brings to your life.

Plus, when you feel less lonely, it decreases the risk of you having a heart attack.

Have you considered adopting a dog? It might do you some good. I can recommend some great places; Grey Face Rescue; Tri County Humane Society; Ruff Start Rescue.

Losing Sampson earlier this year just left me feeling empty inside, little Gloria came into my life, and helped me move forward. She lost her person; I lost my pup. Sampson and I were connected. He was my protector and probably my best friend. We spent all our time together. He never left my side.

Kelly Cordes & Sampson
Kelly Cordes & Sampson

I cried myself to sleep every night. I haven't taken a step in my house without him in the four years we spent together.

About 3 months later, I saw this little lady leaving the radio station with my good friend Cindy, who works with Grey Face Rescue. Gloria and I locked eyes; and the rest is history. She is always with me...is my little miss congeniality; she loves everyone she meets. and we love her back. It's quite different going from a dog that was the size of Texas to a dog that's the size of a peapod. I'm so thankful for this little lady; and although my heart is still mending from the loss of Sampson, I'm able to remember our good times, and feel like Gloria connects us.

GLoria strike a pose go

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