You know how you're scrolling through your Facebook homepage, looking at all the pictures everyone's posting and then ad pops up of something that you always have on your mind? Well it happened to me this morning.

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I think it's a pretty great idea...and I might just join. However; I'm going to think about my own "Kitty Poo" system that seems to be working pretty well right now; and want to figure out if this would be something that would be affordable and better.

So...what exactly is "The Kitty Poo Club?" It's a subscription cat litter box service that provides you with the litter and the disposable cat litter box for about $22 a month including shipping. Actually, that's pretty close to what a person spends on cat litter each month...maybe a couple dollars more.


You are supposed to have one box per cat in your house,'s definitely not going to be the cheapest route if you have more than one cat. I guess you could always just make your cats use the same litter box, but I'm thinking after 20 days goes by, you might have some odor issues.

Now this box sounds like a little more trouble than my current system. I have a 3 layer littler box. I pour the litter into my 3 layer system, and whenever I want to remove the poo, I just take out the first tray which is like a sifter, dump out the poo...then put my sifter tray into the empty litter box, and dump the cleaned litter into the sifter...then put the empty litter tray on the bottom. Does that make sense? It sounds a lot more complicated than it is but it takes less than 60 seconds to sift it, dump it, flip the trays around and I'm back in business.

However,  if you like scooping cat poop everyday, and you hate washing your litter box, this might be an option for you. You can learn more by clicking HERE.

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