When I travel I always make it a point to eat at a place either owned or recommended by Guy Fieri. The Mayor of Flavortown didn't get that nickname for serving up bland food. One of my favorite places of his is in Las Vegas in the LINQ hotel, its Guys Vegas Kitchen and Bar. The last time I went our group all ordered something different and there wasn't a bad bite of food on the table.

Now Guy Fieri is opening ghost kitchens across the United States so more and more people can taste his amazing creations. The closest one to our area has popped up in Maple Grove.

Guy's Flavortown Kitchen - Maple Grove is open at 12650 Elm Creek Boulevard, Maple Grove and delivering food between the hours of 10:30 am and 9:30 pm. This ghost kitchen is operating out of the old Buca restaurant building. With it being a ghost kitchen, you can't go in and sit down for a meal, but you can have it delivered.

Notable things on the menu for delivery include:

  • Jalapeno Pig Poppers
  • Cheesesteak Eggrolls
  • Bacon Mac n Cheese Burger
  • Crazy Cuban Sandwich (RIP to Guy's friend Carl Ruiz who this sandwich is named for)
  • Cajun Chicken Alfredo
  • Fried Pickles
  • Cheese Cake Challenge (which is topped with chocolate and potato chips and pretzels)
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Prices across the entire menu are comparable to eating out at any other restaurant with burgers in the $10-$13 range, pasta around $15, and shareable appetizer dishes around $12-$13.


If you get a chance to have Guy Fieri's cooking, I can't recommend it enough. Even though he obviously isn't manning the grill in Maple Grove, he puts together a great menu and wouldn't put his name behind anything that isn't incredible. Check out all the information on Guy Fieri's Flavortown Kitchen in Maple Grove here.

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