The ultimate dad joke awaits...

With this suit, you can finally torture your kids by saying "I am Iron Man," and then flying off. Imagine the eye rolls! Your teenagers will be in a neverending loop of can't-even ermegerdness!

But seriously, how cool is this? Richard Browning is a gajillionaire who likes to invent fun-but-spendy toys straight out of the movies.

Sounds familiar...

"...wut?" (Getty Images)

This beauty can fly for 3-4 minutes, as fast as 32mph, and an altitude of up to 12,000 feet.

...go onWHOOOOA WAIT! Only 3-4 minutes?!

Of course. These things aren't exactly fuel-efficient, burning through a little over a gallon of diesel or rocket fuel per minute just hovering.

But on cold days? You could go Tony Starking around the neighborhood for a full NINE minutes! Perfect for Minnesota winters when you want to terrorize the neighbors' dogs!

Custom suits will cost you over $400,000. Time to start playing the lottery.

H/T: The Dad

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