The month of June is off to a really hot start. Highs will be around 90 for a solid week, and it will be really important to keep cool to avoid heatstroke or exhaustion. If you are looking for some ways to keep cool without spending a dime, here are five options.

1. Mall Walk

Head to the Crossroads Center Mall and take a couple of loops around the building. The mall is nice and cool, and it's a great way to get some light exercise while avoiding the extreme heat. Plus you can always window shop while you are there.

2. Splash Pads

There are numerous splash pads around the area, Autumn Ridge Park in Sauk Rapids, Rivers Edge Splash Pad in Waite Park, Westwood Splash Pad in St. Cloud, Lake George's splash pad, the options are endless. Load up the family and get ready to be refreshed.

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3. Wading Pools

In addition to splash pads, there are a few area wading pools as well. Bob Cross Park in Sauk Rapids has one, as do Seberger, Pantown, Haws, Hester, Rotary and Centennial Parks in St. Cloud.

4. Check Out a Book at the Library

Riding my bike to the library was one of my favorite ways to beat the heat as a kid. I would pedal down there, and spend upwards of an hour reading and picking books to check out. It was a great way to get out of the hot summer sun, but also keep myself entertained.

5. Find a Lake

There's no shortage of lakes in Minnesota. Find the nearest public beach or even a public boat access. As a teen, my friends and I would load into my car and go wad around at the public access to cool off. Your dog would also really enjoy this. Just be sure to be respectful of boats coming in and out of the water.

Stay cool this summer!

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