I LOVE Thanksgiving. Of course it's because of the turkey...the mashed potatoes...the gravy! Oh the gravy!

My kids love Thanksgiving too. Even though we always have a family get together for Thanksgiving dinner at one of our relatives home, my kids still want me to make them their OWN turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and stuffing.

Well this year...I've discovered that I can give them ALL that and MORE. I can even give them a homemade pie or two, because there are so many area businesses doing the work for me!

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I'm trying to think of the hundreds of dollars it costs me to put that meal together every year...baking pies from scratch...basting bags for my turkey...the stuffing mix, the potatoes, the salad. Not to mention remembering to take the turkey out of the freezer 5 days before you have to roast it, and then getting up at 5 am to cook all day, just so everyone can eat and fall asleep while you do all the dishes. Sounds like fun.

This year I discovered I can head to Coborns and get a Turkey dinner for about $60. That includes the turkey, stuffing AND mashed potatoes. There's a bigger package too; but for what my kids what, it's just right!

Then I can pop on over to Perkins or Kay's Kitchen, where I could pick up a homemade bacon cheesecake....Wow.   My kids would love it.

All I'm sayin....if you want to enjoy the holiday like everyone else, eating; sleeping; conversing; you DON'T have to do all the work this year by yourself. Save some money and let the pro's take over. No one will ever know....(unless it's better than your cooking).

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