It's National 'Pi Day!'  I know that is Pi, as in mathematics, but since it was never my best subject, I thought I would celebrate another way; by finding all the Pi Day deals in central Minnesota. Whether you want a pizza pie or an actual apple pie, there are a few great deals happening today only for the fun of this special day. put together a list of great deals that you can get today. Here are some of them that are available in central Minnesota:

  • Casey's Pizza is offering $3.14 off any large pizza!
  • Domino's Pizza has a Mix & Match deal- Order two or more items for $7 when you do carry out or deliver. You can also grab a one-topping pizza, Dips & Twists Combo or get wings (8 pieces) for $8.
  • Papa John's Rewards Members can get buy one 1-topping pizza and get a second 1-topping pizza for just $3.14.
  • If you buy one of Papa Murphy's Tuesday specials, you'll get a coupon code for $31.4% off your next order, that's good from March 15th through March 28th.
  • Sbarro is offering FREE delivery today.


Whether or not you take part in these great deals, or if you simply celebrate by making yourself a delicious homemade chicken pot pie tonight for supper; or maybe you stop by your favorite bakery or restaurant and enjoy a delicious piece of apple pie, enjoy Pi Day!

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