Is this Minnesota or that backward town of Beaumont (the town in the movie Footloose)?  Up until just recently, Duluth, Minnesota had an archaic no dancing where alcohol is served ordinance.  Who knew??  I will say, however, that there seemed like a lack of nightclubs/dance clubs in the town.  Although my reference is from quite a few years back, but still... I thought it was strange.

It's one of those Minnesota "Dumb Laws" that have been on the books since prohibition that no one really took seriously in modern times, but has now been officially repealed.  Before this, technically a bar would have to have a permit to allow dancing in their establishment or it was banned.  Crazy.

AND on top of that, the whole state of Minnesota had a ban on dancing where alcohol was served without a permit until 1989.  I think there were technically a lot of people, I mean A LOT of people who were breaking the law up until that time.

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Bring Me the News carried the story and had a quote from the city council:

"We're a little behind schedule in keeping up with the state," city clerk Chelsea Helmer said during a Nov. 18 council meeting.

And honestly, what is wrong with dancing?  Meaning, what would be the reason for banning it in the first place?  I'm not talking about exotic dancing, just normal "shake what your mama gave you to the beat of the music" kind of dancing?  Apparently people were much more prudish back in the day.  Wow.

Well, glad that's over, even though I never knew it was even a thing... I could have gone to jail!  (sarcasm).

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