You know, I might just give up on the whole weightloss thing forever a while. I'm trying out the Never Ending Pasta Pass from Olive Garden, and that's going okay. But now dessert is going to be my undoing.

M&M's announced that the newest flavor will be: hazelnut spread. We gluttons know 'hazelnut spread' as Nutella.

Helloooooo, beautiful! (Getty Images)


M&M's flavor concoctions have been hit-and-miss. Coffee Nut? YISSS! Caramel? Meh. Pretzel? Yeh. Peanut Butter? YISSS! Piña Colada? Nnnnnnnope.

I can't imagine that they could miss with hazelnut spread M&M's. I also can't imagine WHAT TOOK SO LONG!!! In my gluttoner days, I'd dump M&M's into a jar of Nutella and have at 'er. Not healthy, I know. I might have been eating my feelings, and those feelings were DELICIOUS.

So how do YOU feel about the latest flavor from M&M's (not available until April 2019, so stock up on drool towels)? Comment below!

I'll reiterate my opinion: lawdamercy.

H/T: People

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