Last week I brought in some dumbbells to the studio to start bulking up, asking listeners what to do with them, and they responded! You can easily do these as well!

I've lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks at Rejuv, and gaining great overall muscle. What I really want is a great upper body over anything else, so I wanted to find out what the most effective quick exercises to do with dumbbells while I'm hanging out in the radio studio. Our listeners were very responsive and gave me a ton of great ideas. I've chosen the 4 most popular and show you just how easy they are for building a great upper body very quickly. The best thing is each of them only take a minute to do. Out of an 8-hour work day (480 minutes) you can take 4 to 12 minutes total to do this - depending on how many sets you do. I plan to do 3 sets, 3 times a week.

  1. Dumbbell Curls - They work on your biceps, and probably my favorite.
  2. Side Lateral Raises - They work on your upper back and shoulders.
  3. Donkey Kicks (or Kickbacks) - They work on your triceps and are VERY effective.
  4. Front Lateral Raises - They work on your front shoulders.

Join me on these and let's see how they helped in 3 months. I want some before/after pictures from you and we'll start looking good together!

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