Horses are an amazing and large animal. It was a long time since I had the guts to ride a horse. See what happens when I finally get in the saddle again!

A bunch of us went to El Rancho Manana near Richmond and got saddled up to take an hour ride with their gorgeous horses. A few years ago I fell off a horse and it spooked both the horse and myself, and I haven't ridden since.

I can tell you these horses at El Rancho Manana were the kindest and gentle horses I've ever seen, and they immediately put ease back in me about horseback riding. It was an hour long easy pace through the many acres of pasture and wooded trails they have, and the 3 guides with us were always helping and keeping an eye on our group.

If you've ever thought about taking a nice introductory ride, especially with your kids, El Rancho Manana would be a great choice. Everybody will want to do it again!

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