I found this story very interesting; granted this is just one persons 320,000 Followers on Instagram that were asked this question; but still; the results were pretty clear. No one hates Minnesota...and Florida hates itself. What?! The writer asked his followers to name THEIR states LEAST FAVORITE state. Follow me?  Here were the results:


California: California had the most haters, with nine states saying they hate California. But do they really? Or are they just jealous that they don't live their themselves and enjoy the year round beauty, great temps and delicious wine?  For what it's worth, Californians said that Texas was the state they hated the most.

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Minnesota: It's no surprise. Minnesotans said that their State probably hated their neighbor Wisconsin the most. I'm guessing because of Football rivalry? It sure seems to be an issue. But Minnesotans, what happened to your Minnesota Nice? Wisconsin DIDN'T Hate you back! Wisconsin hated Illinois more than You! Now...say "I'm sorry!" Cause that's what Minnesotans do.


Florida: Florida was the most interesting. Floridians said their state hated themselves more than any other state! I'm guessing Alligators and Travelers have ruined life for many a Floridian.


For what it's worth, not only did Wisconsin not hate us the most; Nobody did. Of course, that could be because southern states don't even know we exist. Or maybe they think we're so far north there's no reason to hate us; we're too far away and they can't imagine that anyone really lives here in the first place.

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