Just because it seems like a great idea, doesn't make it one.

Five Seemingly 'Healthy' Relationship Habits That Are Toxic

  1. Thinking/saying that your significant other is EVERYTHING to you. Seems sweet, but it makes you too codependent.
  2. Constantly talking/texting/video chatting. Keep a bit of space to avoid burnout!
  3. Everything you do, you do it together. You need to have your own life outside of the relationship.
  4. Total honesty and openness. Look, it seems like you should be honest 100% of the time. But there are some things that your S.O. doesn't need to know (i.e. "Do I look fat in these jeans?" The answer is ALWAYS NO!)
  5. Every emotion must be expressed. Get a grip on yourself! Don't expect your partner to fix you. Weirdo.


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