Fans of the paranormal in Minnesota have something to look forward to in about two weeks. The latest paranormal investigation into the Palmer House in Sauk Centre debuts online the first weekend in April. The Chasing Paranormal team, both Minnesotans, are doing the investigating.

Make sure to come on out to the LIVE Watch Party with Chasing Paranormal! on Saturday, April 6 at The Palmer House in Sauk Centre, Minnesota to view the premiere in person for FREE!

According to their online profile, the Chasing Paranormal team is a husband and wife, Brady and Lexi Goble, who will "take you on a front-row seat to historic locations with otherworldly claims." The couple works as just a two-person team, so that means there isn't a "camera crew, besides themselves" giving audiences "raw audio and video footage, it’s as real as it gets."

The history behind the Palmer House in Sauk Centre is rich. The Palmer House Hotel was built in 1901 by Ralph L. Palmer and Christena J. Palmer after the first hotel in Sauk Centre was lost to fire.

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The hotel is said to be haunted by various entities, and those entities make themselves known to official visitors to the hotel, from time to time. The hotel even has a portion of its website devoted to guest's paranormal experiences.

Becky Ballard
Hotel Guest in Room 17

“My sister-in-law and I had some small experiences in room 17!  I kept hearing my name being called when I was the only one in the room and the entire floor!  The voice was a woman’s and was in the room with me.  My sister-in-law sat in the chair next to the tv and ended up moving from there after ten minutes.  She had this strong sadness come over her and she didn’t know why.  She was tearing up and everything.  Then when we went to bed she felt someone laying on top of her.  My sister and her friend stayed in room 22 and did not experience anything, but that was okay.”

What will Brady and Lexi find at The Palmer? You'll have to wait until next weekend I guess.

The upcoming episode is to be streamed on The Spirit Realm Network on Saturday, April 6th at 8pm.

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