I've always been fascinated with our nighttime sky, shooting stars, The Milky Way, and comets. We've got a wild one visible now! The comet with horns and a tail, known to most as 'The Devil Comet,' is visible in the northern hemisphere.

'The Devil Comet' revolves around our sun every 71 years. It has been tracked for a long time because it gives quite a display as it travels through space. This comet is called 'The Devil Comet' because it appears to have horns. It is what I would call a very 'active' comet as far as comets are concerned.

It seems angry as it passes by the sun.  The comet is filled with a combination of ice, rock, and dust materials, and when the comet gets close to the sun, the ice starts to turn from ice to gas. While this is happening, gas and dust shoot up around the comet, which creates this big cloud around it and then forms what looks like a tail. It is also the only comet to appear to have horns!

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Many people were thinking that the best time to see the comet would be when we would NOT be able to see it, due to the partial eclipse that's on the way. The good news is, the best time to see this comet will be AFTER the partial eclipse by about two weeks according to an online article. However, it might make for quite a display seeing both the comet and eclipse in areas where there is a full eclipse.


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