Got a tax refund burning a hole in your pocket? Maybe you are a HUGE fan of monster trucks. If you are both you might want to run, and not walk up to Grand Rapids and take a look at this custom miniature grave digger that is for sale.

The vehicle is on Marketplace and states that if you can see this post the vehicle is still for sale. Here's the rest of the description:

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If listed it's STILL AVAILABLE NO TRADES convertible needs a plastic piece and will work right now you can take it down electrically but need 2 people to put it back up. It’s been wrapped in grave digger. You get tons of looks and everyone loves it. Fun car. Brand new alternator Has Eibach lowering springs on it with 17” rims custom-made front off-road light rack, custom exhaust, and smart madness cold air intake with K&N filter. Interior LED lights and an air horn to let everyone know you're there. Bluetooth stereo

The whole rig will run you roughly $5000 unless you can sweet talk your way lower, but just think of all the looks you'll get driving around in that mini 'monster' car. You'll also get some decent mileage driving around. The mini monster truck gets roughly 36 miles to the gallon, so you can look larger than life, but also ball on a budget.

The vehicle, according to the online, listing has 129,000 miles on it.

So who's getting a mini monster truck for the summer?

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