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Have you seen the video that came out back in the 90's called "Facercise"?  It was supposed to be face exercises that would keep you looking young, but most people that it looked so ridiculous, they laughed it off, and decided to let nature take it's course ...or find other ways to avoid looking older.

Well guess what? Apparently...Facercising apparently DOES WORK...if you do it right...but CAUTION...if you do it WRONG, it can age you. Here are a couple shortened versions of the exercises. It's best to watch the pro's do it. Apparently if you keep at it for 5 months, you will look three years younger after that.  Then you can Facercise just a few times a week to keep your youthful appearance.


Make an O shape with your mouth, so your top lip is folded over your front teeth. Then smile with the corners of your mouth over and over agin.


Put three fingertips from each hand directly under your eyebrows, and push up to force your eyes open.  Then smile while pushing your eyebrows down against your fingers...hold  it there for 20 seconds and then do it again for a total of 3 times.


Apparently, if you OVER DO it, it can have the opposite effect and leave you with wrinkles so be careful.



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