If you have any cans of this dog food, you need to stop serving it to your dog IMMEDIATELY. It may contain a powerful drug that's used to put dogs down.

The Evanger's brand of dog food "Chunk of Beef Au Jus" has been recalled after many dogs became immediately ill, with one dog dying so far. It was found to contain possibly lethal doses of pentobarbital, a drug that is used in euthanizing of dogs.

There are a number of US states that sell this brand of dog food, and Minnesota is included. If you have this brand of dog food, you need to look for the following lot numbers on the label:

1816E03HB, 1816E04HB, 1816E06HB, 1816E07HB, 1816E13HB

You'll also need to check the bar code on the label, and look for the last part of the bar code numbers "20109", as these are part of the affected recalled cans.

As with any recall, I toss out any items of the same brand just to be safe. My dogs are like our kids, and I don't trust keeping anything near the recalled product in our home, even if it's not one of the affected lot numbers. I can't even imagine how a drug like this could be anywhere near a facility that produces pet food. Something is fishy here, possibly an intentional tampering?

Source: KSTP

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