My wife Katie loves mermaids.

Even at 32 years old, her favorite Disney movie is (still) The Little Mermaid, and she wants a mermaid tattoo, I guess going to show that some adults never really grow up.

Whether the mermaid lover in your family is 2, 12, 32 or 92 you can be sure they'll love an opportunity to meet a real mermaid at SeaQuest in Roseville! Seaquest -- located at Rosedale Center -- is a fully-immersive, hands-on learning experience featuring the wonders and wildlife of the planet we live on. Exhibits like an Icelandic Fishing Village, the Great Wall of China and the Amazon River introduce guests to native animals and the ecosystems they live in. A visit to SeaQuest also includes incredible experiences like hand-feeding sharks, stingrays, birds and tropical animals and evening snorkeling with tropical fish!

Back to the mermaids, though. One of the highlights of a visit to SeaQuest is getting to interact with a real-life mermaid! Her name is Marina, and you'll either find her swimming with her friends or out of the water for a close-up meet-and-greet experience. Marina is part of the general admission experience and does not require a special ticket or extra cost.

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Because of COVID-19, a Seaquest representative did say that Marina is not currently available to see or meet but will hopefully return by late summer or early fall. Marina's normally only available on weekends, so the representative suggested keeping an eye on social media or calling ahead to confirm.

For more details about visiting SeaQuest and meeting mermaids, visit the website here or watch the video below!

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