So you done did it. You followed a coworker on Twitter. Perhaps they followed you first, so you felt obligated to follow them back. Guess what? There are unwritten rules about following coworkers on Twitter...and a lot of these apply to Twitter in general.



#1: If they annoy in real life, they'll annoy you worse in Twitter life
If you can't handle them, do NOT follow them!

#2: If you worry about what your old tweets could do to your current work situation, delete them
Perhaps you've grown since then, but they don't know that.

#3: Take it easy on the enigmatic tweets
Depressing song lyrics and mysterious statements (known as "Vaguebooking" on Facebook) just suck in general.

#4: Politics and religion NEVER mix with coworkers
Even if this is done on your own time, it could stir up some animosity

#5: Tweet others as you'd want to be tweeted
Yes, I'm adapting an old mom cliche for the present day. This should be common sense.

#6: Don't
Avoid the at-work drama and just don't follow coworkers that could be offended by you! And if they follow you, block them and play dumb. It must've been some other Ned that works at 98.1 that blocked you! Totally.

H/T: Mashable

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