Wordle's all the rage these days.

I've been hooked on Wordle since a friend introduced me to it a month ago. Created by Josh Wardle for his word game-loving girlfriend, the 5-letter daily puzzle has taken the world by storm. Logophiles aren't the only ones playing; even superstar athletes are getting in on the action, though somewhat dubiously.

Last Friday, Minnesota Timberwolves player Karl-Anthony Towns raised some suspicions after posting his Wordle score that day. "Morning 🌎! How ya do today???" he posted to Twitter.

His Wordle score caught the attention of some eagle-eyed wordplay users. Appearing to have solved Friday's word ("ulcer") in just three guesses, some wondered at the credibility of his word play. According to Kotaku, "in order to get to the word “ULCER” on his third attempt, it was impossible for his first two tries to look like that, because there are only 26 possible combinations of characters in the language that would fit in that “U - - E R” spot, and none of those were words that are accepted by Wordle."

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"How boss?" asked one on Twitter, posting a screenshot of words that start with "u" and end with "er." "Not accusing you but what was your 2nd guess?"

"What was your second guess?" asked another. "Asking because I’m accusing you of faking this post."

"You need to tell us your second guess!  There's no way that's an actual word!"

"It really looks like you faked this. Why in the world would you do that?"

Towns eventually responded, admitting that he'd accidentally posted the Wordle results from the day before (the previous day's word was "Pause").

It looks like KAT's telling the truth, and all's good in the universe again. Until the next celebrity posts the wrong day's results...

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