Dierks Bentley is known for empowering music videos (think "I Hold On," "Riser"), but the "Woman, Amen" video might be his most inspiring yet.

Bentley and his band are nestled in the Colorado landscape as he sings thankfulness to God for the woman that hands out a hearty dose of hope and strength and grace with each passing day. But he's not the star here. The "Woman, Amen" video is all about the Floyd family, a mother and her daughter who have fought back their share of challenges to make a difference in the world.

"Jennifer and Sydnee (Floyd) make everyone around them want to do more, to be better…it was an incredible honor for me to honor them," says Bentley, who worked alongside director and longtime collaborator Wes Edwards on the video. "I hope that by shining a light on the completely selfless volunteer work they do, it will maybe inspire other folks to do what they can in their own communities. I was really drawn to their real life experience, and I wanted to do a video based on real people with real struggles and real triumphs.  These are the people I get to meet every day, and they are really the ones who have inspired this music."

"Woman, Amen" is the first single from Bentley’s forthcoming ninth studio album The Mountain."

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