Buzzfeed recently posted an article that initially ticked off nearly every person who has ties to Minnesota. If you haven't seen, brace yourself, and try not to get upset until you read it all.

We're proud of our state and constantly look for websites that showcase our state in positive and beautiful descriptions. Who could possibly say anything negative about us, unless you don't like winter and cold!

The popular website, Buzzfeed, recently posted an article that depicts how Minnesota isn't worth the visit, at least in the title of it. The 1st item in their list states the following...

This is Minnesota. Lil’ state in the midwest. Not much to see here, people.

If that's the only thing you decided to read before getting fired up, closing the website, and having a bad rest of your day - you may have wanted to read a little further. As you read on, you start to realize they are being very tongue in cheek with their list, and actually tempting you to visit Minnesota by showing pictures that are absolutely stunning from around the state.

It's a great list, written pretty cool, and gets a thumbs up in my opinion! Click the link below to see the article from Buzzfeed. Hopefully it makes your day :)

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