I'm not sure I want to agree with this, but it's based on fact (apparently). Do you really feel this is true about our beloved Waite Park?

Thankfully this guy has Waite Park at the bottom of the list, but the fact that it made the "top 10 worst" of the entire state may be a slight reach in my personal opinion. You'll have to see for yourself in the video.

I surely would agree with many of the other cities mentioned in this list, especially Virginia, MN. I lived up there for a couple years and promised I'd never go back. He was right on with every fact about that city.

I don't live in Waite Park, but drive through there at least once a week and nothing jumps out at me with "terrible" written all over it. I can tell you that most everybody I talked to about where to move to up here said not to move to Waite Park. What am I missing? Is the crime in Waite Park really that bad?


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