Here's another reason to be proud to live in Minnesota, yet again! Our great state was just announced as the #3 safest state to live in, and for good reason.

Minnesota is already at the top of the list for creating jobs and businesses, and we just made the top of the list for the best place to grow up and raise children. We're in the top 10 of almost every positive category there can be, so it shouldn't surprise you that we're in the top 3 for the safest places to live.

According to Only In Your State, The ranking took into account many factors --not just crime, but statistics on natural disasters, traffic accidents, and much more.

Think about it...

Crime: We have our share of crime in our biggest cities, but overall we ARE "Minnesota Nice" (ie: passive aggressive), so we'd expect crime to be lower than most states.

Natural Disasters: There is a fault line running through our state, but the likelihood of that ever causing a major earthquake in our time is low.

Traffic Accidents: Although we do see our share of traffic during rush hour (try moving at all on I-494 in Bloomington, or Highway 23 in St. Cloud at these times), but for the most part traffic flows nicely and we have lower than normal numbers of accidents every year. Winter can be an issue for us, but we also know how to drive in the snow better than most.

Recreation: Minnesota has so much recreation throughout the state. No matter what time of the year you can enjoy activities on lakes, resorts, and camping. There's art, theater, concerts of any type of music, and some of the best food option in the country.

If you're wondering who topped the list, it was the New England area (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont).

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