For the first time, I bought a bunch of scratch-off tickets as a fun game to play last year for the Christmas holiday. I gave each of the boys a few, and then we played a dice game, and we rolled for doubles. If you rolled doubles you had the opportunity to select an envelope that had a scratch-off ticket inside. Once all of the envelopes were distributed, then we all opened them to see who was a winner.

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We had a few $50 dollar winners and a few smaller amounts like $2 and $5 dollar winners. However, my MOM wanted to make sure that I bought the tickets that had second chance opportunities. She said to MAKE SURE that once everyone opened their envelopes and scratched their tickets, to take the losing tickets and enter them online for the 2nd chance opportunity.


This morning, I was digging through my top drawer in my bedroom, and I found all of last year's tickets. The problem is, I don't remember if I entered the numbers in to win for the 2nd chance opportunity.

If I DIDN'T, I feel a little bit sick, because it's too late now to enter them. However, if I DID enter them, I guess I'm okay, and we didn't have any second chance winners.


Lesson learned though. This year, I'm going to do the same thing with some new rules. The rules are:

  • Everyone has to scratch off their tickets immediately after we are done distributing the envelopes, to see if we have any automatic winners.
  • Once we find out who does NOT have an instant winner, they MUST give me back the tickets. I'll put their names on the ticket and then enter them for the second chance to win because if I don't, I know they won't.

I sure hope none of these tickets were winners. I honestly think I lost one of my tickets this year. That's the problem with the lottery! If you don't stay on top of it, you just might have had a life-changing if you are going to responsibly! Keep up with your tickets and second-chance opportunities.  Good luck!


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