If what the coroner concluded in this woman's death is the truth, I can't imagine how horrible of a death this woman suffered. However, I can't help but be a bit skeptical of the coroner's findings in this case.

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According to weareiowa.com, a passerby discovered a woman appearing deceased in a ditch in Northwest Iowa. He assumed it was from a motorcycle accident and stated he could not get close to the woman because of the 5 large Great Danes near her body.

Mindy Nelson Kiepe, 43 years old, a mother and a grandmother who live on a nearby farm just south of the Minnesota border was pronounced dead at the scene. The coroner found multiple dog bites on the woman during the autopsy and concluded that she had died from an attack by her 5 Great Danes.

It seems odd that this woman's dogs would, for some reason, attack and kill her. Some have speculated that she died of something other than the dog bites and the dogs had bitten her post mortem.

The sheriff's office said all five Great Danes were euthanized after the cause of death was released.

A friend of Kiepe's, Jessica Bailey wrote on her GoFundMe page set up to cover medical and funeral expenses "Mindy was a kind, caring, and loving person. She had the most beautiful smile. She would talk to anyone, and most definitely could make you laugh! She wasn't afraid of anything, and was always up for a challenge," 

Mindy Kiepe leaves behind a daughter, Destiny and a grandson.

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