Did Carrie Underwood and her team Undermine fellow Nashville songwriters for the new opening song for Sunday Night Football?

As a songwriter, I hate to hear when these things happen; but they DO happen. The thing is; aren't we all inspired by other music to write our own? How much of that inspiration can you actually USE to write your own version of a song?

I wrote a song called "Blue Jean's Fading" back in 1998 or so. One of the lines in my song is...." White fringe and promises just made her cry...so she picked up herself...and hung him out to dry."   Carrie has a similar line in one of her songs too. Coincidence. I'm sure.

But...in Heidi's case...not so much. She wrote a song with a few other songwriters in Nashville, and pitched her idea to Carrie's team. After a few weeks, she didn't hear back from them, and then when she reached out again, they told her they were not interested.

How surprised and hurt would you be when you're watching football and all of a sudden one of the most successful country music performers in the world comes on with the song title that you pitched her? With the same melody...and only the lyrics are different?

Most musicians don't have a lot of money...and it really hurts to know that others continue to take advantage of that. I hope that's not the case here; but you be the judge. Listen to both versions and see what YOU think.


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