Dear Road Ragers,

I'm always amazed at the lack of intolerance you have on roads that we share with everyone. Yesterday, I went to visit my Mom in Princeton, and at the top of my exit, there was a yield sign...I was observing the traffic coming in my direction, and making sure that no one was in my lane...when the person behind me started beeping uncontrollably! I was worried so I turned around to see what all the hassle was about..THUS...creating an even LONGER wait time than what they desired....I decided to GO when I was ready to go. I didn't flip them off, I didn't run into the back end of their car, or beep and shout back even though it rattled me all day. I decided to take the HIGH road...the one we should ALL be taking when we are driving on our shared roads.

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Here are some simple things to remember.

1. The Road is not YOURS. The road is not MINE. Be tolerant of others, and realize that the need for you to be heard in most situations, unless you are in danger, is just going to cause you more delays, because YOU ARE DISTRACTING drivers.

2. Yield...Yield DOES mean STOP if there is traffic coming. Don't beep and force the person in front of you to pull out in front of traffic if they are trying to be cautious. It could save a life...of someone that YOU care about.

3. If a light turns yellow, and the person in front of you slows down, and then stops, don't get ticked off. That is what you are supposed to do.  How did you pass your driver's test anyway?

4. Realize that as people get older, their reactions times are different. You might be a young whipper snapper and can react and see things quicker than others. Give people some slack; You'll be there in time.

5. Do you realize how much angst you create in the world around you? You ruin other peoples day just by being a total jerk; for what? Maybe getting to your destination a minute later than originally planned? Even I'm a late person; but realize if you don't make plenty of time to get somewhere...that's on you...that's on me. Not the person being a safe driver in front of you.

6. Let people merge.  MERGE! Do you know what it means? Either get over, slow down if you should, or speed up if you think it won't disrupt traffic...but be kind. If you see you're running someone off the road..FOR GOODNESS SAKE! LET THEM IN!

Honestly...What happens to you when you get behind the wheel of a car? People who are good people become total jerks! I could go on and on and on. My best advice: If you really need this much attention, please find another way to get it. I don't think that you really want to cause an accident, or cause someone to get killed. YOUR view of the road, is not the same as the person in front of you; so if they are being cautious, just let them do it!



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