Tom Petty...according to The an interview back in 1981, tried to come up with his own Epitaph. By the way, an Epitaph is defined as "a phrase or statement written in memory of a person who has died, especially as an inscription on a tombstone."

Tom Petty's thoughts? "He really liked rock n' roll". Enough said.

Tom said in that same interview that he had many soul searching nights where he thought to himself...when it's all over, all you're gonna leave behind is the records. That's all your ____ doin.

Well..It might not have seemed significant to Tom, but certainly, those records he left behind are so meaningful to so many. Thank you Tom....for leaving us with your music.


Mine is simple...and to the point.

Kelly Cordes/Facebook
Kelly Cordes/Facebook


"Just Sing....Sing a song."

The simplest of meanings...Sing...Sing YOUR song...Live YOUR life to the best of your ability. Enjoy taking every breath, and loving everyone you love.

Sesame Street-Sing/Youtube.

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