The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University will be requiring all students, faculty and staff to get a COVID-19 vaccine. According to the college and university's official Facebook account, students, faculty and staff will need to have at least one dose of the vaccine 'before returning to campus for fall semester."

The news has gained mixed reactions from people throughout the community on both sides of the fence, swaying more toward positive comments. So what are people saying? Check out some of the most reacted to comments below.

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From the CSB/SJU Facebook page:

Shannon Schauff Mcleod wrote, "I know decisions like this are never easy because you can't please everyone. I applaud you for taking your time to weigh all the options and make the decision that is best for the overall community."

Lyn Dee said, "As an alum and a physician who works in the area and with critical patients at SCH, I THANK YOU for listening to science and protecting not only the students but our community"

Melissa Hemmelgarn Fox said, "THANK YOU! Proud to be an alum and feeling much better about sending my incoming freshman in a couple weeks."

Nicole Menard chimed in, "Good decision!! This  announcement makes me very relieved for the safety of my mother who is a faculty member, as well as all the students and staff."

Susan Drucker drew some comparisons, "I mean back in my day I had to be vaccinated for other things to attend as well as complete a physical form..."

Vicki Derr Hopp responded to Susan writing, "But your vaccines were researched for years and years and years before they became made available not like 4 months. My stepdad is practically paralyzed cant standing his own ,barely can use his hands and all from getting the covid vaccine his nurse even admitted that's where it probably from because it happened about a week after he got a second dose."

Erin Rynda commented, "Zero surprised. The school's always been liberal. It will be interesting to see how many students they lose this year. Beyond grateful to be an alum and not have to make the choice of getting vaccinated versus finding a new school. I'm not anti-vax, but people should have the freedom to make the choice."

Mike Gallagher wrote, "Expected and unfortunate. The student body is barely affected by the virus. Vaccines, masks, distancing, no social activities, no in-person classes. Community is all you have over an online university."

Comments from the WJON Facebook page;

Jamie Malone wrote, "Our daughter was all set to attend August 26th. My husband spoke with an administrator on Monday whom reassured us no mandated Covid “vaccine.” So disturbing the lack of integrity anymore, especially from a Religious institution!"

Natasha Villette responded, "Jamie Malone this was decided today. As of Monday they weren’t."

Nichole Kowski wrote, "Hope their attendance drops!! They will have themselves to blame! Stand up and fight kids! It's your future!"

Carol Rehkamp Ervasti said, "So disappointing! Simply unethical to mandate injection of an experimental substance into one's body."

Eric O'Brien said, "As a SJU grad, I endorse a policy that is based on care for the health and well being of others. Explain to me how this decision doesn’t show that tenant and I will listen."

The college and university's post has been reacted to hundreds of times. You can read the full comment thread on their Facebook page.

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