Did you know there's an ice road over Lake Superior?!

I don't know how I'd never heard of the Madeline Island Ice Road before. Maybe I hadn't heard of it because it's technically "in" Wisconsin. According to VisitAshland.com, the Madeline Island Ice Road connects mainland Bayfield, Wisconsin to Madeline Island two miles away. In warmer weather, Apostle Island's largest island is accessible only by water ferry. But as Lake Superior freezes over in the winter, the ice becomes cold enough and thick enough for vehicles to cross over for walkers, skiers, skaters, bikers and even vehicles! The Madeline Island Ice Road is monitored several times a day to track its conditions and safety. Drivers must observe normal rules of the road. The route is marked with old Christmas trees placed at intervals for drivers of cars and light trucks to follow.

There's even a family fun run called Run on Water that takes place annually the first weekend of March as part of the Bayfield Winter FestivalAs reported by Only In Your State, the Madeline Island Ice Road -- while not the only ice road -- is the only ice road that appears on official state maps. When the route is took thick for a ferry but too thin for vehicles, the Madeline Island Windsled -- a flat-bottomed airboat that can travel on the ice but also float if the ice breaks -- transports people back and forth.

While I love the idea of taking a two-mile ice road out to an island, I don't know if I could do it! Even as I watched the video above, my anxiety skyrocketed, fearing that the driver was going to break through the ice!

For those looking to travel the route, there's a community Facebook page called Madeline Island Ice Road that shares information and updates. Check out more photos of the Madeline Island Ice Route here.

What do you think -- would you cross the Madeline Island Ice Road?

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