Everywhere you look in central Minnesota, Whether you are in Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud, Waite Park or other,  you see these signs everywhere. I've seen signs posted on homes; signs put up outside of businesses, and in the bed of pick up trucks along with an American Flag flying high.

Photo by Kelly Cordes


I was walking along a path the other day, and even on my walking path I saw these signs all within a few feet of each other.  The thing that I found odd, Is that you don't see any opposing signs anywhere? It really surprised me. It makes me wonder; are people who are voting for someone else afraid to put up signs for their Candidate of choice? And if that's the case, why would they be afraid?

Photo by Kelly Cordes


Knowing that there are obviously people on both sides of the fence, and maybe even some straddling the fence, it still seems strange to me that we don't see ANY signs for the opposing party anywhere. I listen to people talk; I hear people discuss what's important to them; I hear many people sort of in the middle not knowing which way to vote.

I've talked to many people that think Biden has this one in the bag. I've also talked to many people who feel that Trump has it wrapped up. But clearly, it appears that Trump supporters are not afraid to say what they think.




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