Happy Spring! With yesterday being our first day of spring, we took to FB to ask you, "What is your 'sure thing' that it's Spring in Minnesota?  Is it the melting of the snow? Is your mail finally being delivered to your mailbox for the first time in 3 months?

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We had several great answers from our community. See if you agree with their responses.

  • Amanda- Smell of Manure!!!
  • Mary - The warming of the sun on your face
  • Linda - Family birthdays
  • Terry - Flooding
  • Ari - Usually right after my small greenhouse gets blown over in the wind storm and my little seedlings are dispersed everywhere. It's usually permanent spring 2 days later.
  • Bobbi - 12 muddy paws. So hard to keep the floors clean!
  • RJ - Saw my first robin today!
  • Lori - The robins were here...they left. No joke.
  • Shelley - Birds singing.
  • Jose - Spring snowstorm
  • Andrea - The 4th of July!
  • Kristina - Buds on the trees!
  • Nancy - When all the snow is gone.
  • Nicole - Birds singing outside my window.
  • David - Slow down and grill! Light the Webber if you can find it with all the snow
  • Laurie - Bonfires and lakes are open!
  • Nikki - Every single pothole is making its appearance
  • Maja - Spring? When?
  • Willie - Free ice cream cone at DQ marks off the first day of spring for this GUY!
  • Susie - I have a sun allergy I get on my calves and ankles every single year, sun doesn't need to actually hit that area, that's just where it shows up. Have been getting it for over a decade. Lol. When it shows up, I know it's officially spring.
  • Judi - Seeing the first robin appear.
  • Michelle - Blackbirds return.
  • Susan - No snow on the ground and warm outside.
  • Abbey - There is no spring. Just winter, then mud, then hot June weather.
  • Cheryl - Ha ha ha.
  • Hunter - Turkey hunting.
  • Rosie - Potholes in every single solitary roadway.
  • Liz - Seeing grass.
  • Travis - Golf courses being opening.
  • James - Take my toy out and play.  ( I think his toy is a motorcycle).
  • Carol - The water flowing on the river.
  • Mary - When my daffodils sprout
  • Julie - Tulips and Daffodils
  • Mary - Seeing the first flower spring up
  • Joyce - Just saw one on my window
  • Pam- That first plant coming out of the ground...might be a bit this year yet...
  • Kei - The robins coming back.
  • Kirk - When Lutsen ends their ski season
  • Meritt - Robins.
  • Melissa - Seeing the first robin or red-winged blackbird

Some pretty good answers. What is your first sign of spring? Whatever it is, I sure hope you see it, feel it, or find it soon!


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