CBD is all the rage right now; and although it supposedly has lots of health benefits; like helping people who have anxiety, and seemingly can help people who with inflammatory issues, such as skin conditions, and supposedly can help people with digestive issues.


However; what about the negative effects? The FDA has not approved the use of CBD oil in foods and it can cause negative side effects. Especially if you consider how most people eat jellybeans...by the handfuls!

Each jelly bean supposedly has 10 mg of CBD in it, and the recommended dosage is only 20 MG per day. Hmmm.....I don't know anyone that can eat just one jellybean at a time.  Can you imagine? Your guests come over, your kids see the jellybeans on the counter and grab a handful and eat them all day long. This could be a problem.

Side effects that we know about right now include nausea, it can cause fatigue, and can make you very sleepy. Some people think these things sound like a great side effect...at times.  But not all the time, and without being approved by the FDA, how do you really know the long term effects?

In any event, if you want to order them in bulk of 800, the website is called SpectrumConfections.

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