Jim Davis has defeated cancer four times already; and as a long-time lover of flying, he had set the goal of celebrating life by taking a cancer survivor or patient up with him in his plane in each of the lower 48 states. 47 down, with only Minnesota left to go. Today I am privileged to go up with Jim to complete his journey.

Jim is a 74 year-old flying fanatic from Mountain Home, Arkansas -- and has spent much of his life building airplanes, instructing in ultralights, and sharing the passion of aviation. Last night he told his story to a group here in St. Cloud.

He has defeated cancer four times already, and was diagnosed with what was thought to be stage 4 liver cancer. Since learning of his condition, Jim Davis has embarked on this journey of a lifetime that began back on April 29th from the Marion County Regional Airport in Arkansas. We'll wrap it up today.

As a two-time cancer survivor myself, I was excited to get the call from Sara Carothers of the American Cancer Society asking if I'd like to take flight with Jim in his Savannah XL dubbed Purple Passion. We're planning on taking off from the St. Cloud Airport late this morning.

Jim is part of his local Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) Chapter 775, and has networked with EAA chapters from all over the country to assist with his journey. These local chapters have helped Jim find lodging, food, fuel for his aircraft, and of course, a cancer patient/survivor to give an airplane ride to. For more info on Jim's adventure, follow his blog by clicking here.

Looking forward to having good stories, photos, video and a new friend by tomorrow.  :)