In many cities you see a bum standing on the street corner with a sign begging for food, money or both and most of us don't even look at him in fear they will approach our vehicle and ask us directly. That mentality is exactly what Constables in Canada hope will happen in their latest tactic to issue tickets.

The Canadian police stand on a street corner holding a sign that reads:

"Hello, my name is Constable Martell. If You're on your cell phone right now, you are about to get a ticket."

One of two things happen. The motorist ignores the sign and gets the ticket further down the road or they see the sign and hang up the phone. This new tactic could eventually make it's way into the U.S. so be not only do you have to worry about the bum using his spit to wash your window for some change, now you have to worry about him also issuing you a citation.

What do you think? Good idea or bad idea? Leave your comments below.

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